Trades, Labour & Plant Operators

The supply of competent Temp Trades & Labour operatives to the London and UK Construction sector has always been at the heart of the Number 8 operation. Our team are fromthe construction coal face rather than shiny suited recruitment consultants and we understand why its so important we get it right first time.

Essentially we don't have any limitations beyond the core standard requirements and given notice can resource any role in any location. We operate with confidence in thefollowing sectors:

  • Demolition (Associate member of the NFDC since 2012)
  • Civil Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Rail (Including PTS workers)

Freelance (Construction)

It is common knowledge that construction is a fast changing environment and even the best organised works programme can be affected by a huge range of factors. The ability tobring in additional professional and management resources to manage these changing demands, is critical. We understand these challenges and make every effort to ensure we identifythe skills required and place people who can provide an efficient injection into your existing structure.

Freelance Contracting

Number 8 Resourcing has access to 3 significant resourcing frameworks. Rail, Nuclear and the full range of public sector roles that make up the Contingent Labour 1 (CL1) framework. The diversity of the types of roles and environments this division covers is extensive and at times challenging to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the requirement. However the fundamental principles that we apply to the resourcing process across the business remain relevant. Understand what the client is looking to achieve and find the right candidates to put forward.

New Zealand Construction opportunities

Due to our very strong connections with NZ and a genuine passion to send good people down to take on critical roles in construction that are currently not available locally. NZis potentially one of the most sought after destinations for many Brits looking for a change of lifestyle and a new career challenge. Our clients in NZ regularly require theservices of competent trades and professionals who can add immediate value to their existing workforce as well as bringing much need skills to a sector that is growing as rapidlyas anywhere in the world.

Services & Specialist Sectors


Demolition is an industry with its own very specific conditions and requirements. We have been immersed in the demolition sector from our inception and know exactly whatattributes workers on a demolition site need to have. We currently supply many of the UK market leaders and have had the opportunity to be involved on some iconic projects. Wetake our membership of the NFDC very seriously and respect its role in providing a collective forum for the industry.

Civil Construction

Civil construction relies heavily on competent plant operators and related trades to negotiate the often large scale challenges this sector provides. We recognise that a ticketdoes not automatically confirm competence, so we rely on reference and background checks to ensure we can place operators with confidence that they can safely and competentlycarry out the work required using the plant and any attachments specified.

Residential Construction

Residential Construction is currently experiencing huge growth and as a result demands on resources are put under pressure. Our team have many years of first hand residentialconstruction experience to draw from and are able to identify individuals with the skills required for specific roles.

Commercial Construction

This is a broad sector where every contractor and in some cases individual sites, have very specific requirements. We aim to establish a solid understanding of these uniquerequirements so we can get the right people on site.


Supplying resources to sectors that are safety critical relies on attention to detail as well as a comprehensive understanding of the processes and regulations that govern the industry. At Number 8 we are comfortable in this environment and appreciate the consequences that could result from not ticking the required boxes designed to keep workers and public safe. We are keen to establish relationships with clients based on an understanding of what work they do and how they like to do it. Our team approach means that at all times the best resources available are placed without competition between consultants. We are constantly building a nationwide database of experienced trackside workers and rail professionals so we can react quickly to your urgent or planned requirements. We are fully RISQS accredited and Sentinel audited so we can sponsor and supply trackside workers.  


In keeping with the focus on "Safety Critical" sectors, the Nuclear Industry fits the Number 8 brief. For obvious reasons every aspect of these environments is managed and controlled by risk management processes to ensure security and operations are carried out according to the highest standards.

As a business Number 8 understands and appreciates the diversity and complexity of some of the roles that the Nuclear sector provides. We are continually expanding our personal and professional knowledge base to ensure that we can communicate with our candidates as well as recognise the unique skill sets required to work in this challenging industry.

Public Sector

The Contingent Labour 1 (CL1) framework covers a wide range of Government departments and an even wider range of roles. Our Contracting Team work hard to establish good relationships with candidates to ensure they have access to any opportunities that come to us. We are an accredited Tier 1 supplier so have access to the roles as soon as they are available. The following departments make up the largest number of roles we get however we are active across the board:

  • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Department for Transport (DfT)
  • Home Office (HO)
  • HMRC
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