N8 Ethos

“What makes Number 8 different?”

Essentially Number 8 provides the same services as most recruiters and labour agencies currently operating in the UK, however the way we do it is very different. The first thing that is noticeable is the lack of shiny suits and hair products in our office and a bit more grey hair than usual. We have intentionally built our team using individuals with recognised relevant experience who understand what our clients are asking for and know how important it is to get it right. We don’t make promises we know full well we can’t keep and we ideally like to get to know what our clients want from temp staff so we can identify the Resources that will achieve the best results.

Historically, our industry has been negatively affected by recruiters and agencies who push boundaries with the sole purpose of financial gain. Although we are obviously commercially driven we are also focused on maintaining high levels of compliance in both employment and immigration status. We believe the potential impact on our clients and our reputations, from any breaches of these regulations could be commercially destructive in the competitive market place that exists in the UK today.

Training is an essential part of building a strong and competent workforce and Number 8 accepts its responsibility in ensuring workers  are fully prepared to work in their chosen environment. We actively provide training opportunities for temp workers, especially in the demanding demolition environment and as an existing member of the NFDC we promote the CCDO card as a minimum requirement for access to demolition sites. It is important that high calibre individuals are recognised and retained for our clients to access and we believe training is a key component to achieve this.

In summary, we actually do care about our clients and the people we put forward to them and look to establish very strong relationships with both so we can all benefit.

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