Military Personnel

The Demolition Sector in the UK is in urgent need of an injection of new resources to learn about the Industry from the basic entry level and move into critical specialist and supervisory roles. Ex-Military personnel are an obvious resource to take on the challenge and develop rewarding careers in a risk critical industry that at times may not be that different to a war zone.

Number 8 are working alongside the NFDC and federation members to target leavers from the Forces. Training can be provided during the transition process to ensure a speedy entry into the industry. This may be at the basic entry level end of the industry however the motivation of the industry leaders is to identify individuals who can progress into more skilled roles and eventually into leadership positions.

This is a proper career opportunity in an industry that has become highly sophisticated. The financial rewards are very good at entry level however for those who develop into more skilled roles the rewards are seriously good.

Number 8 will act as a conduit for placing leavers into contract roles and assisting with the transition into permanent positions with NFDC member companies. These are the demolition market leaders based across the UK. For more information go to the NFDC website

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