NUMBER 8 SEARCH-RECRUIT is a solution that we believe demonstrates our commitment to a relationship focused service that delivers the right talent to the right roles. Although we have access to a wide range of candidate acquisition tools, we pay specific attention to the pool of passive talent where we have confidence in our abilities to identify and commit relevant individuals for consideration. The art of old school Search and Selection to attract candidates who are not actively in the job market is where our team of experienced recruiters feel we have an edge. Number 8 is not a target driven business, so our focus is always on quality, value and ultimately success is measured when all parties are satisfied with the whole experience. (For reassurance please take the time to read our testimonials)

The ultimate goal with our Search-Recruit team to provide clients with an efficient, accurate service. Although we don’t profess to understand the technical aspects of all the roles we work on, our experience allows us to establish the confidence of candidates and clients by a genuine willingness to learn by asking relevant questions.  We will be unashamedly proactive around ensuring we have a full understanding of both the role and what clients are looking for. Our Search-Recruit service looks beyond the CV to ensure we haven’t missed key attributes that could bring an unexpected candidate into the frame.

At Number8 search-recruit, we have an honest realistic approach to clients and candidates thoughts and feelings which enables us to bring together people successfully, in matching professionals to companies that are not only good at what they do but fit perfectly with the clients unique culture. We all deserve to be treated as people and not commodities, most definitely where our careers are concerned as this is one of the most important parts of our lives, involving not only our goals and aspirations but our personal life and family too.

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